With a history dating since 1922, Scandia is the Romanian market leader for canned meat industry, renowned for its tradition in delivering quality tasty products. The company holds over 50 % market share on the liver paté market and their flagship brands are Pate Sibiu and Pate Bucegi. Besides the Canned Liver Paté, Scandia’s portfolio of products also includes Canned Meat (Carne Sibiu and Carne Bucegi), various soups and ready to eat canned traditional dishes (Ciorba de burta, Ciorba de vacuta, Sarmalute cu carne de porc, Iahnie de fasole, Gulas de porc), a special Paté for vegetarians (Pate vegetal with mushrooms, olives or peppers) and few other tinned meat products such as Sunca Paltinis or Sunca Augusta.